Are You Ready?

Welcome to Acolytica
the Church of the Third Millenium

acolytica-150-v4Acolytica is the Gathering of Believers. Based on teachings appended to the Book of Revelation, we are the religious organization for the Third Millenium.  The Acolytican Church is currently over 15 million strong and growing daily as the material world collapses around us.

Preparing for the Harvest

The teachings of Acolytica, as brought to the world by Perseus Cade, the Gleaner of Souls, are titled the Epistles of Persuasion.  These Epistles document the steps necessary for the ten to the tenth power finite souls in the universe to prepare for the Harvest, sometime early in the 21st Century.  At the time of the Harvest, worthy souls will be collected by the Gleaner and disbursed to their Kingdoms, on stars throughout the universe.