About EvCross America

Welcome! There is a good chance that you’ve arrived here using the internet address EvCross.org. In an expansion of Acolytica’s ongoing and growing partnership with Rev. Fishman Tidings and Evangelical Crossway America (EvCross America), Acolytica has entered into a groundbreaking agreement to provide 21st Century technologies to Rev. Tidings and the entire EvCross America network. Under the leadership of Rev. Fishman Tidings, EvCross America has grown to a global presence in preparation for the Harvest of Souls. Under this agreement, Acolytica and Acolytica.NET will provide technology, and other services and expertise to the EvCross family. AcolyticaNET, AcolyticaENT, and AcolyticaONE will be carrying future details.

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