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About Our Holdings

To maintain our strength and to help insure our constant growth as we seek to prepare the entire planet for the Harvest of Souls, we hold financial interest in a large number of America’s most powerful companies. We have representatives on the boards-of-directors for many of them. While many organizations would keep information of this ilk “under the covers,” we do not. We firmly believe that policy of open and honest communications is imperative for the accomplisment of our preparations. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

Harvest Guardian Hospital

cross and hospital signWithin the past few months, we have completed our acquisition and transition of Boulder-Springs Rosary East hospital to Harvest Guardian hospital. Medical services for all Acolyticans in the Boulder-Springs region will be provided on a sliding scale based on Levels of Attainment within the Church. In the case of requirements for very specialized treatment, Acolyticans with the Attainment of Acolyte and above will be flown to Boulder-Springs from any location in the world.

900 Guardian Boulevard, Boulder-Springs Colorado 80887-7154