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About Media and Entertainment

Welcome to the AcolyticaMGR™ (Media Generated Reality) organization. We realize that this is a time when entertainment options, especially for children, can be challenging to people of faith. Acolytica can remove the burden of those decisions from your shoulders. With AcolyticaMGR making your entertainment decisions, you know they are the right ones — for you, your family, and your community.

AcolyticaMGR suborganizations:

  • AcolyticaONE™ – Salvation by Satellite™
  • AcolyticaNET™ – The News and Technical Core
  • AcolyticaENT™ – The Entertainment Group (Leadership Approved Materials)

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Acolytica Talks to the World

AcolyticaNEWS image[Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from a press release dated January 19, 20xx.]

Solace Creek Statesman, January 19, 20xx: Acolytican leader and Gleaner of Souls Perseus Cade announced today the startup of the last of twenty-seven satellites in the Acolytica ONE satellite network.  This satellite enables reception of Acolytica ONE in every country, on every square inch of the earth.  For truth, salvation, and entertainment, Acolytica ONE is the only entertainment network you will ever need.

FLPD/M-200901: Acolytes, Seekers, and Newmins please be advised that Fear Lock is now in place regarding Acolytica ONE.  All Acolyticans will be monitored for compliance.

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AcolyticaENT: Your Favorites, OUR Message

AcolyticaENT imageUsing our state-of-the-art facilities in the entertainment Mecca of southern Florida, AcolyticaENT™ produces the music you want to hear and the  programming you want to see.  Our extensive worldwide talent searches provide new artists who can carry Our Message while looking and sounding exactly like the people you’re watching and listening to now!

* Listening to Brit, we can give you Brit…
* Listening to 50, we can give you 50…
* Like Stones?  We’ll give you Stones…
* Laughing at sitcoms?  They’re even better…

… all with Our Message for you in preparation for the harvest.  We can duplicate every major artist and entertainer in the world!

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AcolyticaONE: Salvation by Satellite

AcolyticaONE satellite imageAcolyticaONE™ provides Television (both HD and SD), Radio, and Internet programming throughout the world.  AcolyticaONE provides 31 television and  10 radio stations, along with 25 genre specific Internet POD-cast sites.  ONE source for music, ONE source for news, ONE source for entertainment.  No matter what your favorite styles in visual or audio entertainment you will find an Acolytican message that meets your tastes.   AcolyticaONE … the ONE.

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