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About Our Holdings

To maintain our strength and to help insure our constant growth as we seek to prepare the entire planet for the Harvest of Souls, we hold financial interest in a large number of America’s most powerful companies. We have representatives on the boards-of-directors for many of them. While many organizations would keep information of this ilk “under the covers,” we do not. We firmly believe that policy of open and honest communications is imperative for the accomplisment of our preparations. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

EXW on Stock Exchange

Invest In Salvation
Our new partnership with Evangelical Crossway America (EvCross America), they may become the second tax-exempt religious organization (after Acolytica) listed on a major stock market (with the ticker symbols EXW, EXWY, and EXWG (for Asian and European Markets )1. Now, like members of Acolytica, the millions of EvCross America members and other investors will have the opportunity to Invest In Salvation2. The primary difference is that although technically publicly available, Acolytica shares are sold1 by invitation only.

1 Note/disclaimer – Acolytica and Evangelical Crossway America are FICTITIOUS organizations, and as such investment discussions are also completely fictitious.

2 An Investment in Salvation will never provide a financial return, but may (in some cases) help the investor attain Salvation at the time of the Harvest of Souls as taught by Reverend Perseus Cade of Acolytica and Most Reverend Fishman Tidings of Evangelical Crossway America.