About Our Holdings

To maintain our strength and to help insure our constant growth as we seek to prepare the entire planet for the Harvest of Souls, we hold financial interest in a large number of America’s most powerful companies. We have representatives on the boards-of-directors for many of them. While many organizations would keep information of this ilk “under the covers,” we do not. We firmly believe that policy of open and honest communications is imperative for the accomplisment of our preparations. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

About Media and Entertainment

Welcome to the AcolyticaMGR™ (Media Generated Reality) organization. We realize that this is a time when entertainment options, especially for children, can be challenging to people of faith. Acolytica can remove the burden of those decisions from your shoulders. With AcolyticaMGR making your entertainment decisions, you know they are the right ones — for you, your family, and your community.

AcolyticaMGR suborganizations:

  • AcolyticaONE™ – Salvation by Satellite™
  • AcolyticaNET™ – The News and Technical Core
  • AcolyticaENT™ – The Entertainment Group (Leadership Approved Materials)

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About EvCross America

Welcome! There is a good chance that you’ve arrived here using the internet address EvCross.org. In an expansion of Acolytica’s ongoing and growing partnership with Rev. Fishman Tidings and Evangelical Crossway America (EvCross America), Acolytica has entered into a groundbreaking agreement to provide 21st Century technologies to Rev. Tidings and the entire EvCross America network. Under the leadership of Rev. Fishman Tidings, EvCross America has grown to a global presence in preparation for the Harvest of Souls. Under this agreement, Acolytica and Acolytica.NET will provide technology, and other services and expertise to the EvCross family. AcolyticaNET, AcolyticaENT, and AcolyticaONE will be carrying future details.

EvCross America*

Evangelical Crossway America


There is a good chance that you’ve arrived here using the internet gateway EvCross.org.

In Acolytica’s ongoing and growing partnership with Fishman Tidings and Evangelical Crossway America (EvCross America), we’ve entered into an agreement to provide 21st Century technologies to Fishman and the entire EvCross America network. This page is the first of many.  Stay tuned for more updates via AcolyticaONE, AcolyticaNEWS, and AcolyticaNET at www.acolytica.net .


1 * Evangelical Crossway America – is a fictitious organization from ChaliceMedia LLC.

EvCross Disclaimer

Everything Here…

People | Places | Companies | Organizations

Are all Fictitious

EvCross America™ and Acolytica™ are fictitious organizations created by ChaliceMedia to support a number of internet fiction projects and expanded experience reading materials. EvCross, EvCross America, Evangelical Crossway America, Acolytica, Acolytica.net, and Acolytica.org are trademarks of ChaliceMedia LLC, Denver, Colorado. Any resemblance to real people, places, or organizations is unintentional. All Content © ChaliceMedia LLC. All Rights Reserved


EvCross Contact Information

On a temporary basis, the new global headquarters for EvCross America are in facilities generously provided by Acolytica.

The Acolytica World Headquarters campus and compound are located in Solace Creek Colorado overlooking Yager Lake.

  • * Entering Solace Creek Colorado from the south, turn on Grimley Lane. Follow it until it dead-ends at Sunburst Road. Turn right and stay on Sunburst Road until it ends at Holly Loop.
  • * From the north, turn right from Highway 36 onto Central Avenue and stay on Central until it dead ends at Holly Loop.
  • * Once on Holly Loop, cross the Little Solace bridge, and follow the signs to the Acolytica Campus.  Park in the main lot, present your identification at the guard house, and you will be escorted to your destination.

EvCross America
Acolytica WHQ E-Annex
Two Holly Loop
Solace Creek, CO 80888
888-555-7734 (SalvationLINE)

Webmistress: Maurelle Destin (another thanks to the people at Acolytica)

Important Information: EvCross America (Evangelical Crossway America) and Acolytica are fictitious organization and Maurelle is a fictitious person. To contact a real person regarding Acolytica, EvCross, or Maurelle Destin, contact ChaliceMedia at ChaliceMedia.com/contact-us


EXW on Stock Exchange

Invest In Salvation
Our new partnership with Evangelical Crossway America (EvCross America), they may become the second tax-exempt religious organization (after Acolytica) listed on a major stock market (with the ticker symbols EXW, EXWY, and EXWG (for Asian and European Markets )1. Now, like members of Acolytica, the millions of EvCross America members and other investors will have the opportunity to Invest In Salvation2. The primary difference is that although technically publicly available, Acolytica shares are sold1 by invitation only.

1 Note/disclaimer – Acolytica and Evangelical Crossway America are FICTITIOUS organizations, and as such investment discussions are also completely fictitious.

2 An Investment in Salvation will never provide a financial return, but may (in some cases) help the investor attain Salvation at the time of the Harvest of Souls as taught by Reverend Perseus Cade of Acolytica and Most Reverend Fishman Tidings of Evangelical Crossway America.


Harvest Guardian Hospital

cross and hospital signWithin the past few months, we have completed our acquisition and transition of Boulder-Springs Rosary East hospital to Harvest Guardian hospital. Medical services for all Acolyticans in the Boulder-Springs region will be provided on a sliding scale based on Levels of Attainment within the Church. In the case of requirements for very specialized treatment, Acolyticans with the Attainment of Acolyte and above will be flown to Boulder-Springs from any location in the world.

900 Guardian Boulevard, Boulder-Springs Colorado 80887-7154